April 19th, 2007


On Vox: I should explain that last post...

So, my friend Janel emails me to let me know that Bad Manners is going to be coming to the Red Devil Lounge in a couple of months. I love Bad Manners. Paul will fight me tooth and nail on this, but they hold a place in my heart right next to all the other 2-Tone bands. I've never gotten to see them live, so I'm excited that they're coming.

I went to the Red Devil's web site to check the date, and lo and behold there was a link right up there in the upper left to buy tickets for the show. I clicked on it, which took me over to Ticketweb, where I dropped in my credit card info, click click click, and found myself at a screen confirming that I'd just bought a ticket to see Vanilla Ice.

What the fuck? How did that happen? Did I click the wrong link or something? Well, not quite. If you check the links on the Red Devil site, you'll notice that whomever the douchebag is who is responsible for updating that list put the same link for Bad Manners as they'd used for Vanilla Ice. Click on Bad Manners, get Vanilla Ice. The old washed up one hit wonder bait and switch. I fell for it. Damn.

Five dollars to anyone who can find a phone number or email address that I may call to rectify this situation. I have less than zero desire to see Vanilla Ice.

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