May 17th, 2007


On Vox: The original, not the compromised second draft

Oh my god I am so fucking psyched for this!

From the authors' website:

I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski. That's Terrific.

To some The Big Lebowski is just a movie, to others it is The Movie. When we decided to get some friends together at a tiny bowling alley in Kentucky to drink White Russians and celebrate our favorite movie, Lebowski Fest was born. We discovered we were not alone and fellow fans from around the world, aka the “Achievers”, started coming out of the woodwork.

We, the bums who started Lebowski Fest, have been given the modest task of assembling a fan book for what we feel is the greatest movie of all time (condolences, Citizen Kane). At times we felt we were out of our element, but we went out and achieved anyway.

I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski
begins with a foreword by Jeff Bridges and includes behind the scenes photos taken by him on the set. To bring to light all we could about the making of this movie, we interviewed everyone from John Goodman, Julianne Moore and John Turturro, to the actors that played smaller roles like the Ralph’s Checkout Girl, Liam and yes, even Saddam.

We tracked down the inspirations for the story and its characters, including Jeff Dowd (The Dude), John Milius (Walter) and the man whose rug really tied the room together, Peter Exline. We even found the real Little Larry, a kid who, indeed, actually stonewalled two crazy men waving his homework around in a baggie.

The book is complete with trivia, interviews with fellow Achievers, tips on Dude-ifying your life, a Little Larry flipbook, a guide to the film’s locations, Lebowski Fest highlights and a whole lot of what-have-you.

I can't believe there are bigger Lebowski fans out there than me and Paul.

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On Vox: AggroRancid

A Poets Life
Tim Armstrong

I mentioned this before, but Tim Armstrong (from Rancid) has been working on a solo record with The Aggrolites as his backing band. He's been trickling tracks out to various locations on the internet for a couple of months and almost the whole thing is out. The album officially releases next week, and I'll probably buy it just so I can kick a few bucks to Hell-cat records.

The first three tracks that came out were flat out killers. Really great rocksteady, with a good helping of Tim's punk rock influence. From what I remember, Tim's a long time Trojan/Studio One fan, and he's always put Desmond Dekker among his top influences. There's always been a hint of ska in Operation Ivy and Rancid's records, but for this album, he's really swinging over to that side, and it's been great.

There have been a total of seven tracks released so far, and it's been fun tracking them down from various record distributor's sites, label sites, and myspace pages. A couple of them are a little boring, and none of them really rip as hard as the first three, but I'm really digging this recent one:

04 - Translator
Tim Armstrong

I especially like the refrain and the big ass horns.

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