May 31st, 2007


On Vox: Google FTW

Reason number 8,599 why I love GMail: Mute a conversation. Not the easiest feature to find, but oh so awesome. You know how like one of your douchebag friends will send a mail to you and like fifty of THEIR douchebag friends, and then everyone goes all retarded on a big Reply All party with idiotic comments that have nothing to do with you and never will because you actually don't even like any of them and couldn't give a good fuck about the conversation? Well, GMail's got your back. First, go in to your settings and turn on keyboard shortcuts. Then, all you do is check the offending conversation in your message list and hit "m" for "mute". This will just automatically archive off any future replies to that thread so you never have to see it again. I've done this for a quite a few (I'm on tons of Yahoo groups for some reason) and then gone back and checked them out in my archives only to find that mute has saved me from deleting dozens more replies. The only downside is that it actually archives them instead of trashing them, which is what I'd prefer. I keep a tight ship, you know?

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