June 7th, 2007


On Vox: Who, or what, is P?

At some point yesterday, I drew a capital letter P on my hand. This is my usual way of remembering something that I will have to do or get, when I know it's going to be in a place where I'm not looking at my computer or any other reminder. The writing on the hand keeps me remembering the whole day so that when I come across the item or task in question, I'll remember it. This system has always worked well for me, and I know many others have employed it as well.

There is one flaw: my ego. For some reason, I can never write the whole word or phrase on my hand that I am trying to remember. I usually just write the first letter. Until recently, I never understood why I do this, but lately I've come to suspect that it's because I feel the need to give myself a little challenge. Like, it's bad enough that I can't remember to pay my rent, but if I have to have the whole word "Rent" written out then I'm just pathetic, so I just put an "R" so that I can at least get the consolation prize of having remembered that "R" stands for "Rent". Look everyone! I still have enough functioning brain cells to put that together!!

Well, no more. I've been walking around with this P on my hand (hehe) for two days now (yes, I took a shower, but I was careful to not wash it all the way off, because then I'd forget to write it back on there, and in the shower, you can't write yourself a hand note to remind yourself to rewrite your hand note). I can't, for the life of me, remember what it's for. Peanuts? Pie? It could be for pie. Oh my god... do I need to remember something about my Penis??? Jesus! To be honest, I don't even remember writing it on there. Sometimes when this happens, I can think about what I was doing that caused me to write it, and then that leads to me remembering what it's for. No such luck this time.

So, if there are any Pauls or Patricias out there at the bus stop or the airport or something, waiting for me to pick you up, I'm very sorry. I'll work on a better system.

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