June 9th, 2007


On Vox: Dear San Francisco: LEARN TO FUCKING DRIVE

I just watched an 80 year old man, crossing with the light with his little old man walker, get hit by a car that didn't notice him as she made a right turn on red. He's fine. He actually took the hit better than I would have. As I gave all the details to the emergency operator, it occurred to me that I've had to call 911 more times in the two years that I've lived here than in all my other thirty years combined. I'd say 80% of those have been times I've seen someone get hit by a car. Motorcycles, pedestrians... everyone's getting run over in this town. I've also called in a knife fight in the street and a bar owner threatening beat down on SoMa's favorite crackhead with a broom. I'd say that on average, I'm on with 911 once a month. Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just me? Am I just paying attention too much (not likely)? Do I see more because I'm usually on a motorcycle or scooter?? What the fuck?

After the cops and paramedics arrived, I asked the officer if I could leave, because my truck was blocking traffic. He shook my hand and told me karma is going to take care of me. That was nice. I'll probably need it someday.

Dog just farted. Must leave the room now.

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