June 24th, 2007


On Vox: And all of a sudden, it was 4am

This day started out normal enough. It's Saturday, so I woke up around... oh... let's call it 10:30. I lingered in bed for a couple of hours, internettin' and thinkin' about stuff and also things. I finally dragged myself from my cocoon sometime in the early-ish afternoon and relocated to the couch. A superbly hungover Susie emerged a while later and food was ordered in celebration of consciousness. I hung around and watched TV for a while before deciding it was too nice out. I remembered that the Disc Golf course at Golden Gate park had finally opened, and I decided to go over and try to play a round. I expected a heavy crowd, but it wasn't too bad and I was able to play at a leisurely pace and enjoy the park. I'm a bit rust at DG, since I haven't played much since moving here, but I was doing alright. Then, my phone rang. It was Barry's girlfriend Jen, calling to ask if I could help her load a bike in her truck. Barry had broken down on the Moto Melee (a big vintage ride that goes all over Northern California's back highways) and she was bringing him a replacement bike. I headed home to change and then over to Barry's garage to help load up his motorcycle. Poor Jen was facing a six hour round trip, and I learned that she'd been up since 4:30 for work, and was going to have to get up at the same hour again. I decided to go with her to keep her company and help out with the driving. We loaded up the bike and headed up to Red Bluff (about 40 miles or so south of Redding, as far as I could tell), where we met a very happy Barry and the rest of the Moto Melee crowd. We unloaded his bike and loaded up his busted scooter, and then sat down for a little bit to socialize and eat extraordinarily bad hamburgers. The cake that was provided was delightful though. We headed back out at shortly after arriving, and I noticed it was 1am. I was tired, but I agreed to drive back so Jen could get some sleep. Somehow, I did a three hour drive in just over two hours. We dropped Barry's bike at their house, and then headed back to the garage to get my bike. I saddled up and rode home, kicking my shoes off just after 4. I am exhausted!

That's how life rolls when you're me. One minute you're having a pretty chill day... maybe throwin' some discs around, and the next minute you're driving 400 miles to do a homie a solid. Karma, man. Karma.

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