June 29th, 2007


On Vox: The first rule of Bike Crash Club

Lisa and I just invented Bike Crash Club. It's simple. Everyone who wants to be in Bike Crash Club wears an identifying mark while riding their bike (identifying mark to be determined later). If you're a BCC member and wearing your mark, and you see another BCC member with their mark on, then IT'S ON. The object of Bike Crash Club is to be the last one still on their bike. So, when you see the other BCC member, you go after them and take them down. If you see several people, then you have to survive them all. Other BCC members who happen upon a chase/battle can join in if they are properly marked.

Strategies include riding the wrong way down one way streets, hauling ass down crowded sidewalks, swinging your Kryptonite chain at your opponent, and shoving objects in to your opponent's spokes.

Below, Lisa shows off the first injury of Bike Crash Club, sustained when she battled the sole member of Bike Crash Club, herself.


Originally posted on pop.vox.com