July 3rd, 2007


On Vox: Godspeed, Mistabobdobalina

On Saturday, I got a private message, in response to this post. A rather enthusiastic fellow from L.A. wanted to buy my bike really bad. He wanted to send me a money order overnight so the bike wouldn't get sold out from under him, despite the fact that I've been so lazy about selling it that I haven't even shown it to more than two people in the five months since that post. I told him to just come get it and bring cash, and promised I wouldn't sell it out from under him. He told me he'd be up ASAP.

In the meantime, I took care of some little odds and ends with the bike. I replaced a blown tail light bulb, lubed (hehe) the chain, and charged the battery. I attempted to (improperly, due to lack of correct tool) adjust the chain after lubing it, because it was hella slack. This resulted in a broken adjuster. Luckily, the guy at O'Hanlon's near the office had one in his heap and he sold it to me for a dollar.

By the time I got home from work, the dude was in my neighborhood and anxious to come look at the bike. He came over and I fired it up and took one last spin around the block before handing it over to him, warning him to go easy on her, because of the slack chain and broken adjuster. He took a quick ride up and down the block, got off, and handed me my asking price in large bills with no hesitation. I can feel him. It's a sweet ride.

We bullshitted for a bit while his friend looked the bike over and rode it around a little. He was pretty psyched to get the bike he's been looking for for a while, and I was psyched that it was going to a good home. I know he'll fix it up as I intended to and it'll be ridden and loved.

He decided to leave the bike with me, so I could finish up the chain, and so it didn't get stolen out of his truck overnight. He'll be back to pick it up in the morning. Meanwhile, he was looking forward to enjoying one of San Francisco's fine adult gentleman's establishments. Ah, how I love that feeling of stuffing bills in to a young ladies g-string while still riding the euphoria of a newly purchased motorcycle!

After he left, I went out and purchased the right tool for the chain job ($9) and came home and properly (I think) adjusted the chain (with the new adjuster), making sure to torque the axle not to the proper tolerance. I then sat on the bike one last time and said goodbye. I only had this one for a year or so, and I didn't ride it much, but it sure was a fun bike and it behaved quite well. I'll miss it.

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