July 23rd, 2007


On Vox: Incredible Collection

I've been cleaning the crap out of the house for the last week or so and since I have the turntables set up, I'm going through a lot of vinyl while I work. Some is new, and some is stuff that I've picked up in the past and sort of forgotten about.

This is one of those records. I got it at Amoeba a few years ago when I was still DJing in Seattle. The price sticker on it says I paid $5.99, which is a fucking bargain and a half, because pretty much everything on this compilation RIPS. I originally bought it for the song "What Is This" by Bobby Womack, but have since fallen in love with "Come Back In A Hurry" by Rose Batiste (more well known for "Hit & Run"), "Just a Little Mixed Up" by the Furys, and "Love Bandit" by the Chi-Lites. That's not to say that any of the rest of it is throwaway. It's all good stuff. If I were a lazy DJ, I could probably just throw this on and take a nap and the floor would jump the entire time. I'm definitely gonna have to transfer a lot of these songs to mp3, but for now it's a big ass dance party in my living room!

Looking at the back sleeve, I'm noticing that the description is written by Kev Roberts, who is a pretty well known Northern Soul DJ in the UK. On a whim, I searched his name on EasyNews, thinking I'd find one of his 20 song compilations, and lo and behold, up came something called "Kev Roberts Northern Soul Top 500". Yeah. 500 of the best Northern Soul tracks as picked by one of the best Northern Soul DJs. I'll be downloading that shortly. I also found another comp of 100 songs called "Keeping the Faith - 40 Years of Northern Soul". Don't know who put it together, but it looks like there's good stuff there too. I'm tits deep in soul music!

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