August 20th, 2007


On Vox: Dark Side

Last week I was playing around with iTunes on the Mac Mini I have at my desk that I use for compatibility testing and other stuff. I decided that the ability to share libraries with other people in my office was a compelling enough reason to give it a shot as my main music player, so today I installed it on my laptop, which is a PC.

My first impressions are of irritation that PC versions can only share libraries with other PC versions and Macs can only share with Macs. So it looks like me and sekimura are on our own little island, and I have to move headphones over to the Mac if I want to leech off of djchall or btrott. Also, you can only rip from CD to AAC? God dammit. What a shitty move by Apple. Nobody outside of the Mac world uses AAC. Why not allow people to rip to that or MP3 or OGG?

I do like the iTunes UI more than Winamp's, though... and "Party Shuffle" is neat.

Sometimes I think life would be easier, especially in a San Francisco workplace, if I would just give in and become an Apple fanboy and worship everything they do. I'm actually frustrated enough with this stupid ThinkPad that I'd welcome a MacBook Pro, or whatever that thing is that Randy has, with open arms. I started the process of breaking up with Microsoft earlier this year and I'm hoping to dump their slow ass operating system soon.

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