September 27th, 2007


On Vox: Jerry Sanders FTW

Watch this video. It's a press conference wherein the republican mayor of San Diego announces that he will not veto a resolution in support of gay marriage. It's pretty fucking amazing to watch a politician speak about doing something because they genuinely believe it is the right thing to do, as opposed to bowing to their party, their contributors, the media, religious groups, etc... I would be less in awe if I'd just seen Bigfoot and Elvis flying by in a UFO.

His email address, by the way, is He'll be hearing from me.

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On Vox: My favorite headlines...

Via Potty Mouth:

It makes me so proud to see a headline in a Christian publication like "Sick Perverts in San Francisco". I love seeing those fundamentalists rattled.

The article is about how the CNW is all pissed off about how the promotional poster for the Folsom Street Fair depicts people in BDSM gear "mocking" The Last Supper.

Personally, without regard to my feelings on religion and gay rights, I think the piece is awesome. It's innovative and well done. And, it's a pretty funny tribute.

What really makes me smile though is to read this article and see how bunched up they are over it. I love the end where the author calls on various entities, including homo rights groups, to rage against this and condemn it.

Here's the thing, Christianity, YOU FUCKING STARTED IT. It wasn't the LGBT/BDSM community who first decided to attack Christians. It was the other way around. You can't get pissed at someone you're attacking when they decide to attack you back, idiots. Jeez.

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