October 1st, 2007


On Vox: TMBG at the Fillmore

Great show last night! I figured out that it was somewhere between my 20th and 30th time seeing them live, and that the first time was over SEVENTEEN years ago. Jeez! Highlights:

  • Full horn section for about a third of the show. These guys were awesome, and the amount of righteous wailing that took place during Istanbul was enough to practically knock me over. They also ripped through an amazing rendition of Doctor Worm, also utilizing the infamous confetti cannons (there are two now), which had previously been used mainly for James K. Polk (which was also played). I was bummed that they didn't play No One Knows My Plan, because that would have been killer with the horns, as would have been The Guitar, which I've almost never seen them NOT play.
  • Mr. Me. I don't think I've ever seen them play it before.
  • Ana Ng. I think maaaaaaybe I've seen them play it once or twice, but certainly not for a long time.
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople). As I said, the horns really blew up for this song. They started with a really long intro featuring just them, and then quickly built it up. The crowd was clapping and stomping so hard that it looked like the stage lights were just going to fall over. Reminded me of the time I saw the Pixies at the University of Arizona Ballroom and a huge crack developed down the middle of the floor from the crowd jumping up and down in unison.
  • Finally heard them play a "Venue Song" about a venue that I'd not only seen them in, but was currently standing in.
  • "Phone Calls From The Dead". No need for explanation.
  • Looking around the room and marveling at the sheer volume of nerd sex that would be taking place later in the evening. I'll bet if you did a proper study, you'd find that the average child born in any given city nine months after TMBG plays there is smarter and/or has less social skills.
  • It's Not My Birthday, followed later by Older. Genius.
  • She's An Angel. Still one of my top favorite TMBG songs.
Sometimes when I hear about a TMBG show coming up, I waffle a bit on getting tickets and deciding whether or not to go. I've seen them soooo many times. But, then I go to the show and I remember that every time I see them it's completely amazing. I've grown up with this band. They were one of the first few shows I ever went to without adult supervision. They continue to bust out some of the most incredible musicianship and stage antics. Always entertaining and always fun. I hope I see them twenty more times, at least.

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