October 19th, 2007


On Vox: Victory is mine!!

Thanks to an application called XNJB, as well as Parallels, I'm now able to load content on to my "Windows Only" Creative Zen Vision W from my Mac. Hallelujah!

XNJB is pretty cool... It has a little interface that lets me dump music straight to the device. Video transfers have never been doable via the MTP interface, so I still have to do them from a manager of some sort. I've always used Winamp for that, and after some fiddling in Parallels, I was able to get it working, albeit a bit slowly.

Scotch asked me the other day why I don't just have an iPod... They're great devices, I guess, but the playable formats are pretty limited. Most of what I get off the internet, and what I rip from DVD, is encoded as XviD/MP3, as it's a very nice quality format without being an insanely large file. The Zen plays those quite nicely. Further, the screen on my Zen W is HUGE - roughly the size of the screen on a PSP, and it's of slightly higher resolution than the iPod. It's a gigantic device and the UI isn't as intuitive, but the big screen and compatibility make it worth it for sure.

Originally posted on pop.vox.com