September 24th, 2008


On Vox: Kickin' it with my homie

I'm working from home today, keeping an eye on Rudy. He's not been feeling well, and I'm a bit concerned. He's had a couple of unusual pooping incidents in the last couple of days, and when I got home last night I was greeted by some puke at the top of the stairs. I'm hoping he just got a hold of something that didn't agree with him, or maybe he got a bad can of food or something, and he'll be fine. I'm gonna watch him today and if he doesn't seem right, then I'll take him to the vet. Poor little dude.

In other exciting news, I shot the Hives show at the Warfield last night for Ground Control. Eagles of Death Metal opened up and that was pretty damn good. Paul graciously agreed to join me at the last minute to handle the writing aspect of the evening so I wouldn't have to pull double duty.

The Hives were amazing, as expected. I have no idea how they can pump out an assault of rock and roll the way they do without collapsing half way through it, but they do it every time. I got some good shots, as well as a ton of bad ones, so I'll have a lot of editing and culling to do, but here's a preview of one of my favorites:

It's too bad the venue only lets photographers shoot from the front of the stage (in front of the barricade) for the first three songs. These guys were just going off like mad the whole show and there were some pretty great moments.

I may need a better camera, or at least a better selection of lenses.... and one of those hood things that everyone who looks like they know what they're doing has.

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