October 5th, 2008


On Vox: Urban Camping

We were going to go camping up north this weekend, but the weather forecast for the area was looking like shit, so instead we decided to camp in our backyard. For some reason, though, we decided that it'd be better to just camp in our living room, so that's what we did.

We went to the store and got camping provisions - marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, hot dogs, etc... We also got a box of firewood for the fireplace. In the living room, we moved the coffee table out of the way and blew up the air mattress. We re-positioned the TV for optimal air mattress viewing (urban camping rules allow for TV). Scotch built a raging fire over which we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores. We played some Yahtzee and watched a whole disc of Undeclared. Occasionally, we'd all go out to the yard for a pee in nature. When the last fire log was almost burned all the way down, we stoked it one last time and fell asleep to Sounds of the Forest streamed from Rhapsody.

The only drag of the adventure was that our air mattress apparently has a leak, so it didn't hold air very well or for very long. Somehow, we survived.


Originally posted on pop.vox.com