October 8th, 2008


On Vox: Twelve seconds of your day for equal rights

So, I've been thinking a lot about Proposition 8, and where we're at with it. You may remember my rage yesterday when I heard that it was closer to passing than to being defeated. Someone left a comment on that post that got me thinking about why people would vote Yes. We all know that the "it'll ruin the sanctity of marriage" line is bullshit. What's really behind that? Well... tradition for one. Church affiliation. Homophobia. Not wanting to break from whatever pack you're in. Interesting, but these are all rooted at the same problem - people need to see that it's ok for someone like them to vote against Prop. 8. They need to see that it's not just gays wanting to push themselves in to their non-gay world. They need to see this as a civil rights issue and not a gay issue.

To that end, I've come up with the 12 Seconds Prop 8 Throwdown (the name is not important). It works like this:

  1. Get an account on 12 Seconds. I have ten invites, and I think everyone who gets an account gets ten invites, so if you need one, comment here and hopefully someone will hook you up.
  2. Record a 12 second video describing (briefly) who you are and why you're voting whichever way (hopefully No) on Prop 8.
  3. Tag the video "proposition8"
  4. Tell your friends
After there are some videos up, send around this link to the feed of videos, so that undecided voters can see the nice wide variety of people, some of whom are hopefully just like them.

So why not just limit this to people who are against 8? Well, I for one am kind of tired of one-sided political discussion, especially in my little San Francisco bubble. What's the point of a bunch of people who all think the same thing talking about how they all agree? It ends up just seeming like a big wank, and it gives the other side reason to point a finger and say that the reason there are so many people against the proposition is because the people who are for it haven't had a chance to speak. I say, let them speak. Let someone post an intelligent argument AGAINST gay marriage, or at least try to. As far as I'm concerned, it only furthers this cause. I feel that if you're truly undecided and you have at least half a brain, if you sit and listen to arguments on both sides, there is one that will clearly make more sense. CLEARLY.

Also, there's no way to stop them, so why bother?

OK. Go record your video now, because mine is lonely, and is making me self-conscious.

Note: Obviously this post is for California voters. Yes, I realize that there's a world outside California. 

Originally posted on pop.vox.com