October 13th, 2008


On Vox: I'll update you when I'm good and ready

Listen up, applications that are running on my Apple supercomputer. I know that you're all excited that you've had some bugs fixed by your programmers and all, but you gotta back the fuck off. I don't need to be seeing popups and notifications every 30 seconds telling me that one of you has a new printer driver. If you are working, I'm not going to fuck with you. It's ok for you to notify me once in a while, if something is pretty important, but really... you're starting to bug me. I'm looking at you, Growl... using your own notification system to annoy the shit out of me. I'm thinking of getting a restraining order.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about firing my dentist. She's a good enough dentist, but she's borderline abusive with my personal information. The last time I was in there, which was also the first time, I gave all my information, and I made two appointments, the first of which is this coming Thursday. Since then, I have gotten six emails and four SMS messages, pretty much evenly spaced over time, to remind me of just the appointment that's coming up (not the one scheduled for a couple of weeks later). I've also gotten two emails asking me to fill out a survey, and one SMS telling me that SMS notifications are available from my dentist (no shit). All of this is annoying, but the straw that may have broken the proverbial camel's back came on Saturday, when I received a "come check out my Facebook profile" porn spam that was sent to an email address I created specifically for my dentist. MY FUCKING DENIST SOLD ME OUT. What kind of bullshit is that?

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