October 14th, 2008


On Vox: I fucking knew it.

No offense to ydnar's friends or anything, but when I read all the hoopla on Saturday about a bunch of kids being taken out of school to attend a gay marriage (on Friday), after spending three hours the night before calling voters and talking to them about gay marriage, I knew they were just fucking handing it over.

First off, facts:
Yes, Newsom officiated. He is apparently a friend of a friend of one of the brides. Apparently, nothing clicked in his head that said something along the lines of "I'm the face of evil for the Yes on 8 people, and they love to use me in their commercials. Maybe I should sit these out for a bit." Next fact: it was one of the parents that organized the trip, not the school. Some fucking brilliant "Look at me I'm so progressive raising my kid in San Francisco!*" parent evidently had no fucking idea that the polls had flipped in favor of Prop. 8 partially because of Yes on 8's ads spooking the shit out of people by telling them that their kids are going to be force-fed gay marriage in school.

Jesus fucking christ, people.

It's one thing to show the ignorant and stupid an ad about how their kids are going to be forced to learn about evil scary gay marriage. That's just going to push them further in to a voting territory they're probably already in anyway. But then they open the paper and see all those innocent little faces staring up at two America and God Hating Lesbians kissing right there on the steps of a government building that their own tax dollars paid for, dragged their in tax-payer paid shackles and school buses, missing out on their education? Fucking hell. Why don't we just film the commercials for them, and offer to go door to door showing them to undecided voters?

COME ON, No on 8 people. You gotta be smarter. DON'T FUCK THIS UP.

* Outer Richmond, maybe?

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