November 3rd, 2008


On Vox: Whew!

Whirlwhind trip to Seattle this weekend. I left Friday afternoon and got to Seattle just in time to drop off my stuff and get down to the Paramount for the return of The Sonics (the band, not the basketball team). Had a free ticket and photo pass waiting for me, which was nice. The Sonics were awesome. How they got away with loud freaky garage punk back in the 60s is beyond me, but they've still got the touch. Crowd was awesome. Lots of old duffers (as Paul would call them) swappin' stories about bands they played in and vehicles they raced back in the day. Great show and great band.

Had a great time the rest of the weekend hanging with my homie Otis. Played some disc golf, saw Zack and Miri (hilarious, as expected), battled a two-month-old kitten throughout the night. Ate food. Apparently decided to no longer have a subject in my sentences.

I was up before 5 this morning and off to the airport to catch a flight home. Everything went pretty smoothly and I was back at my desk just in time to verify a few bugs for a morning release. Now it's time to catch up with the rest of my work, get through the day, and get home to my wife and doggie, both of whom I've missed sorely.

Tomorrow: Elect Barack Obama and defeat Proposition 8!

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