November 6th, 2008


On Vox: About Prop 8

There are still about three million absentee and provisional ballots to be counted. Yes and No are separated by about half a million votes. Absentee voters tend to skew liberal. The final count isn't expected until December 13th.

That said, there is apparently a march/protest scheduled for Friday evening. Here in San Francisco, this method of getting things done is apparently preferable to voting, seeing as how only about half of us actually made it to the fucking polls. Seriously, where the fuck was everyone? Of all the elections to sit out, THIS IS THE ONE? Fucking idiots.

That reminds me, I was reading about the Castro party yesterday in the Chronicle. They were interviewing a drag queen who was parading around all day with No on 8 banners trailing from her. She told the interviewer that she'd moved here a few months ago, but hadn't gotten registered in time to vote, so she felt she "had to do something".


News flash, sweetie: First, you're in San Francisco. In the Castro. You're pretty much preaching to the choir here. If you want to try to "do something", maybe go 30 miles in any direction and find some people who weren't already voting No. Second, if you should happen to find someone to sway, perhaps talking to them on the phone or in some sort of non-threatening manner, as opposed to parading around like a scary child-influencing homo, would be more effective. Third, if you'd have put 1/10th of that effort instead in to going to the damned post office, filling out the damned form, and dropping it in the damned mailbox, the difference you could have made by voting would certainly have been much more meaningful. You fucking failed.

Sometimes, I feel like I live in a whole city of Baldwins. 

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On Vox: Oh god no

Holy shit, dudes. Look at the calendar. I just realized that before long, it will begin to "look a lot like Christmas", which means that I won't be able to go out in public without wanting to "stab my eardrums out" or "choke the life out of people". Late January (when they'll finally fucking stop) can't get here soon enough!

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