Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

So uh....

Ok... I'm watching news for the first time since Friday (I've pretty much been playing video games and drinking since Susie flew out yesterday) and I just saw some footage of what I thought was the first game of some exciting new American combination of rugby and ultimate fighting, but actually turned out to be the Pacers/Pistons game from Friday night. Holy shit, dude! I saw more fans get hit than players! That one nerdy guy who was apparently too busy running his mouth to realize he was about to have his neck snapped went down like your sister on prom night. And let's not talk about the other fan who walked up to the obviously enraged player talking shit and then caught a punch from what looked like a four foot long arm. People, if you're in the zoo, and the gorillas start rowdying up and knocking other zoo-goers out, you get the fuck out of there. The same general rule of thumb applies for overpaid, testosterone and adrenaline hopped up, "performance enhancer" using, 7 and a half foot 290 lb. basketball players. Just get out of their way. Let them rip out the chairs and rage on the slower patrons and stuff, and then go back and sing them a lullaby.

So yeah... Sports seem EVEN COOLER to me now!

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