Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Amazing Race

Choose the correct answer:

The teams on this season's Amazing Race are:
a. Annoying as fuck
b. Unable to conduct anything that remotely resembles a healthy relationship
c. Dumber than the stumps they had to hurl axes at
d. All of the above

If you answered d., you are correct. Jeez. Let's start with my least favorite team ever - the yuppie team with the dude who has a bit of blue hair in the back. If I ever meet this guy on the street, I'm going to bitch slap him until he cries. You don't treat your girl like that, and you certainly don't treat other people on other teams like that. If I was in that boat with him, he'd have gotten an oar to the face. And his girl... come on! She whines like a little kid, sometimes at an ultrasonic pitch. Stab stab stab. She needs not be one of those girls who refuses to get out of an abusive relationship. And she really needs to just punch his stupid face.

The wrestlers didn't scream at each other as much on this episode, so they weren't as annoying. They're actually one of my favorite teams, so I hope they do well.

The dude who doesn't realize he's gay (with the little hair horns) treated his lady like total shit but then had to eat it when she almost dumped his ass in Iceland. Word to her. Dude actually blamed her because he lost his sunglasses. Nimrod.

I think the old people should have gotten penalized for stealing another team's car. I at least think that as soon as they realized it wasn't there, they should have torched it on the side of the road. Why not go out like an outlaw?

Well... this is definitely one of the most annoying Amazing Race seasons I can remember. I'm gonna stick it out though... and I'm gonna submit Otis and I next time they have a casting call.
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