Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Stick my head in the sand

Opening the newspaper today pissed me right off.

First, I was reading about the plan to pull down the Alaskan Way viaduct and build a nice tunnel in its place. While hellishly expensive, I think it's the best option. Apparently, some people disagree, including a woman who wants to replace the viaduct with... another viaduct. She says, "I like being up there (on the viaduct's top deck) and the view. Who said transportation has to be torture? The viaduct makes me feel good when I'm driving it. What happens when a tunnel caves in?"

Ok... first off, the view is fucking dangerous. The last thing I need is some nimrod slamming in to me when I've stopped for the ballgame traffic because they were watching the damn ferries instead of paying attention. Second: What happens when a tunnel caves in? What the fuck? What kind of spooky voodoo shit does she think tunnel building is? There are lots of tunnels in lots of cities that haven't caved in. New York has tunnels that go under freakin' water for crying out loud. Stacked deck highways, on the other hand.... well, you just need to review the footage from the '89 earthquake in San Francisco to see how safe those are. Third: The viaduct is one ugly bastard. Seriously, that thing is hideous to look at, and it creates a natural traffic snarl for anyone using Alaskan way or trying to park anywhere near the waterfront.

So yeah... it's gonna be horrible, traffic-wise, when they're building it, but I think that when it's done, the tunnel, and the newly available land on top of it, will be pretty kick ass. As long as it doesn't cave in.

Second annoying bit of news:
Bush muscles out civil rights panel chair. What a crock of shit. Let's do some math, shall we? This is a woman who was highly critical of Jeb Bush and his handling of the 2000 election. She fought to keep a report on the civil rights commission's web site that was not kind to G.W. that the administration wanted removed before the election. Now that people are finally questioning the election results out of Ohio, her term suddenly ends on Sunday instead of six weeks from now? I call triple bacon bullshit on that, my friends.

And finally:
The Bush administration said yesterday that the president favors, not at all surprisingly, borrowing the three trillion or so dollars over the next decade it will take for him to rape social security instead of paying for it with higher taxes. I can see the loan application now:

Amount requested: $3 trillion
Occupation: World superpower, First world industrialized nation
Annual income: Whatever all that oil's worth that we just got.
Outstanding debts: Ummmmm... We uh... owe a couple bucks here and there
Intended repayment terms: Uhhhh... Well... we don't wanna raise taxes. China will write you a check.

Fucking idiots. We'll just borrow it. What a great idea!! We'll borrow the money, and then hopefully whomever loans it to us will die, and then we won't have to pay it back! Hooray!
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