Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


I've been thinking. With all the anti-gay legislation that passed on election day, I think the it's in the best interest of those of us who are pro-civil rights to start petitioning for laws and constitutional amendments that protect those civil rights. What I mean is, we shouldn't wait for the day when there's some proposal to amend our state constitution to say something like, "no homosexual civil union or domestic partnership shall be recognized by the state and be entitled to any of the same benefits as a heterosexual one." so we can bitch about it and try to outvote its supporters. Instead, we should start RIGHT NOW trying to an amendment to our state constitution that says "no law may be passed that restricts the rights of any couple based on their race, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation." and another one that says, "no law may be passed that restricts a woman from choosing for herself whether or not to terminate a pregnancy." Let's start protecting the civil rights we have left and start trying to claim some of the gray areas for our side.

Does anyone know what the procedure is for something like this? Do I write to my state senator or something to get the ball rolling?
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