Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

We rock.

I just wanna take a quick second to tell you about band practice last night: It was awesome. After many false starts, I really feel like we've settled in to what type of music we're going to play and I feel like we're totally on track. We've got one song down pretty well and it's very cool and catchy. Last night we firmed up a second song. We came up with a good arrangement for it and words for the chorus and started hashing out the general idea of the song. I know I'm biased but this particular song is really freaking cool. I can't even believe how awesome it's shaping up. Otis and I also started jamming a third song that's nowhere near anything that resembles a song that makes sense yet, but there's a cool sounding bass part and I think it could really go somewhere, and perhaps turn out to be as cool as the second song. The second song is definitely my favorite right now, though. So cool.

All three of these have really cool and catchy basslines, which I didn't exactly write. They started out as pretty cool ideas that Otis had and I embellished them and mucked them about a bit until they became what they are now. They're definite improvements over what they were, but they never would have come about if it weren't for the original ideas. I'm liking these songs a lot, because my parts sound cool and are somewhat challenging.

I hope we can keep going at the rate we're at. I'd say if we can keep this up, we'll have a pretty decent opening band set in a few months.
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