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Ummm.... ok.

Well... we pretty much had to buy them. I'm only mildly impressed though. Someone give me a call when I can go to the store and buy Deez Nutz.


Jan. 17th, 2005 06:50 am (UTC)
One thing I forgot to point out here, and I must apologize for commenting on my own entry. Notice the conflicting messages brought to you by your friends at the Rap Snacks company. On one hand, you got, "Education is Knowledge." A positive and uplifting, albeit redundant, message. On the other bag, "Get Crunk." That's right kids. Shake off the shackles of responsible citizenship and just get crunk. What's a young snackster to think? How do I conduct myself? Certainly I can not embark on a righteous quest for knowledge if I'm spending my time getting crunk. And there's no way I'm gonna have time to get crunk if I'm investing myself in my education. I guess they just expect you to pick a snack and stick with it. Bad marketing department. Jihad on you!