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So... this Christo thing in Central Park. Pardon my lowbrow ignorance, but what the fuck? I know that "art" is a subjective term, but we're talking about a bunch of orange curtains hanging in the park for a couple of weeks. That's Christo's style. Put up a bunch of fabric over a gigantic amount of space and call it art. Well.. I'm disagreeing. I don't think it's art. I'd love for someone who does think it's art to tell me what the value of it is for them. What do you get out of a piece such as that? How does it make you feel? What emotions does it stir?

If I were a New Yorker, my reaction would be this: If you want to spend $20 million dollars on something for the city, why not start fixing some of these damn potholes? You can fill them in with orange concrete if you want. Would that be art, too? It certainly would be useful, that's for sure. Better yet, why not give the $20 million to public school art programs? You might then open some doors for people who have the capacity to create actual works of art.

Don't get me wrong... I'm all for large-scale weirdness or even shenanigans in public spaces, but this just seems wasteful and it not very creative or moving. Wow. You took a whole bunch of fabric and hung it up. Brilliant.


Feb. 18th, 2005 08:55 pm (UTC)
I dunno, I think on some levels it's semi-poetic...

Take Central Park, this big expanse of natural environment. Arguably the only real taste of fleeting natural life in all of NY. I mean really - it's a forest, set right in the heart of Manhattan, and it's beseiged on all sides by this huge megaplex of stone buildings and glass skyscrapers and some of the biggest attractions to NYC. Basically, nature set into one of the most ANTI-natural sections of real estate they could find!

SO, this man-with-one-name art geek decides to create "gates" in the middle of it. Not just "Gates" but this big huge array of this most UN-natural color you can possibly find! I mean unless you're birdwatching in the jungles of Costa Rica you're not gonna see this god-awful color flapping happily in the breeze anywhere! My guess, if you took an aerial photo, all that orange would probably spell out "Fuck Nature."

My guess, "gates" can be so-called in case some drunken tourist falls alseep in the park, wakes up forgetting where he is and can't find his way back to the noise and the smoke and the yelling and the huge buildings and neon and all the other crap. He just sees bunch of trees and grass and gets scared as hell until some dwarf with a cigar wearing a track warm-up suit tells 'im to follow the yellow brick road back to the metropolitan nightmare.

My take on it anyway, as an ex-New Yorker.