Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

I got nothin' but time...

Ugh. We've been in Vegas since Thursday night, rocking our brains out, and all I wanna do is go home, get my little doggie, and relax in my bed. So, what's our fate for tonight? Stranded in the Vegas airport until 10:55, 1:30am arrival in Seattle, and no doggie until the morning. Yarrr.

Great Vegas trip. It was imasage's first and she had a good time. We did massive amounts of gambling and I was hitting slot jackpots left and right.

Here's something spooky: I'm playing video poker. Simon and Susie are watching. I burn through a few hands and then I get an interesting draw: three of a kind, 6's (poker hand of the beast!). I hold them and draw and end up with the three of a kind. Next hand: same damn thing! Three 6's. I hold them and they too end up being my hand. Next hand: Three 6's, AGAIN! Simon almost falls over. I hold the 6's and draw and this time pull another 6. That's four of a kind, suckas, and I win $250. Later that evening, I find myself at the Venetian bar with Simon. Susie has gone off to play some slots. I'm unable to resist the sweet siren song of the Wheel of Fortune machine, so I feed it a $20 and start playing. It's not long before I hit the red, white, and blue sevens and stuff my wallet with another $400! So yeah. That's $650 in about an hour! If you're worried that we spent the rest of the weekends amassing millions in gambling winnings and now we're going to leave you all behind as we spend the rest of our lives in the Bahamas partying with our other filthy rich friends, you may allay those fears now. We lost it all back, and then some. Ah well. The important thing is that we had fun.

For those of you still reading, it's time for a press release: vespa59 and imasage to Relocate to Bay Area. Yep, you heard me. We decided to take the mind-numbing commute, insanely high rent, and ludicrous choice for governor. So yeah... There you go. Looks like I'm gonna move around the end of April, and Susie will follow somewhere around mid-June. You're all very welcome to come for a visit as soon as we are settled in our mansion modest home over-priced shack.

See you there!

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