Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

More post! More post!!

Hey kids...

I'm gonna be run out of this town in a couple of months, but I got my responsibilities to the community. Know what I'm sayin'? Part of that responsibility is helping out the Vera project with their various computery needs. I'm gonna need someone to take over for me. It's pretty light work. Right now, I'm working on setting up a file server for them (running Windows 2000) and it'd be swell if someone could finish that up. Beyond that, they don't really need much, except when stuff stops working or blows up or whatever. There's a busted computer there now that needs fixin'.

Do you have technical skeelz? Can you fix computers and stuff? Can you maintain the server? If so, then you should take over for me. Benefits are having one of the greatest music venues (which also has some good recording equipment) owe you favors, gobs of adoration from the various staff members, and the warm feeling in your heart that you're using your powers for good for a change.

Lemme know if you can help out!
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