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Why does godaddy.com think they need to send out a monthly newsletter?
Why is Comedy Central so fucking obsessed with white trash rednecks lately?
Why does any company have their employees do "self-evaluations," when the only ones that count are the actual manager evaluations?
Why is it warm and sunny in the winter and cold and rainy in the spring here this year?
Why does Alaska publish a $120 round trip fare to Oakland, but not reveal the magic date/time combination required to actually get that fare?

One dollar goes to the first person that can convince me I didn't wake up in Crazy World today.


Mar. 22nd, 2005 03:15 am (UTC)
It's totally crazy world today.
1. I got a camera stuck up my ass, and I woke up durng it and felt it inside my colon. (Crazy!)
2. They actually found a name for part of what's wrong with me (Crazy!)
3. I turned down pizza for an apple. (DOUBLE Crazy!)

I hope your crap stuff gets answered, and that you find that airfare.