Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Now entering money pit...

This afternoon, I was bored at work, so I made up an excuse to go to Target, which is 15 miles away from the office. Really, I just wanted to go ride my bike... which was lovely, lovely, lovely. I got her going about 80 on Aurora, which was pretty freaky. Must learn to behave...

So I stopped in at a motorcycle shop on the way back to see if they had a replacement face shield for my helmet. I walked out $300 later with a new set of tires to be installed on Saturday. I've decided that motorcycle tires are my least favorite thing to buy. So freaking expensive!

After I got home, I got a bit bored, so I decided to take apart the headlight guts and try to figure out why the high beam and instrument lights don't work. The wiring all looks good, although the high beam and low beam were wired backwards, so the high beam was always on... I can't figure out why it doesn't work. It must be the switch. This bike is begging me to pull off all the electrical tape, check all the wires, and repack it all nicely. I think the Dude will oblige some weekend in the near future. While I was in there, I noticed a couple of bits like the mount for the parking light (which doesn't seem to exist) and the headlight plug are broken. So I'm gonna see about getting replacements for those. Gotta find a good source around here for parts. I also managed to blow a fuse during an experiment whilst trying to get the instrument lights working (unsuccessful) so now I have no tail light. It's ok though, as I had planned to ride Eris tomorrow anyway so she doesn't start feeling neglected. I will make sure to stop by the auto parts store and get some fuses.

So far, the bike is clearly winning, but I'm reading a lot and learning a lot about her. There are TONS of people out there willing to share their knowledge. Way more than in the scooter community. People from the mailing list have written to me welcoming me and giving me tips. It's very cool. There are even a couple of local people who are good mechanics who've offered to help out.

Today I rode faster than ever before on two wheels. I love days like this, when I can go to bed thinking about a new accomplishment: First time I drove a stick, first time I rode a scooter, first time I flew a plane, first time I jumped OUT of a plane, first time I ever got any sort of program I wrote to work, etc... Not being able to sleep due to giddiness is cool.


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