Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Nice little Saturday

Yesterday was oodles of fun. First on the agenda was the Rat City Rollergirls inaugural bout down in lovely White Center. There was some good ol' ass kickin' on wheels going on. At first, I wasn't clear on what was going on, but by halftime, I was screaming my guts out...

"Block that jammer! What the fuck? She called it off before she scored!! COME ON!!"

We left a few songs in to the Briefs' set at halftime so we could get to Capitol Hill to see Bloc Party. Turned out that the show was starting way later than I was led to believe, so we stood around for hours before they finally took the stage. I was kinda pissed that we blew off the second half of roller derby and neglected to eat any kind of food so that we could rush over there and not miss any of Block Party's set. Stupid Neumo's. Anyway... Block Party was awesome, as expected. They played a pretty short set, and we skipped the encore, since they'd already played all the songs I wanted to hear.

So who won the bouts?

This is a boring entry. Sorry about that. We gotta go to the dump. I'm hoping there's an easter egg hunt there today.

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