Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Save the date...

April 22nd is going to be our going away PAR-TAY. Well... it's more like a shindig, and I guess it's more me that's going away, since Susie's gonna be sticking around until mid-June to wrap up some work stuff, but you get the idea. Evite is forthcoming, but the short story is we'll be at Jules Mae's in Georgetown from probably about 8 until closing time. There will be at least two DJs, including myself, spinning soul, garage, old school ska and reggae, and whatever the hell else I feel like hearing, and the Soul Pistols will be playing. Rumors that Susie will be staffing a kissing booth are totally without merit. I, however, intend to drink rather heavily, so buy me a glass of Jameson and you might get lucky!

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