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Bloodbath and Beyond

Holy shit. I really up and moved to San Francisco. I'm sitting in the gigantic and echoey living room of our cavernous new house updating LJ on a stolen wi-fi connection. I'm sleeping here tonight. The animals are sleeping here too.

The drive was fine, although I think it maybe messed my truck up a bit. When I take off from a stop now the truck kinda staggers a little. Perhaps we burnt up the clutch.

The animals are a little freaked. Rudy went crazy today whenever Steve and I left the house. He'd howl and carry on like a lunatic. He seems to be settling down though. He likes to look out the living room window at me when I come and go.

I rode my scooter around for a while looking for food. Boston Market was closed. Eventually, I happened on a random shitty pizza place on 9th and I got a couple of slices to go. Usually when you try to pull something like that off in Seattle, you end up regretting it. Not here, though. The slices were bigger than the cat, and they tasted twice as good!

I'm a little concerned about the house... specifically the bathroom. I'm really worried that imasage is going to have a panic attack over how disfunctional it is. I'll explain. There's a stall shower, and a separate bathtub. I can't figure out why people do things like this. Is husband ever taking a shower at the same time wife is taking a bath? Anyway... the stall is not huge at all. There's no bending over or stretching out or anything in there. Oh, and if you point the water at the door while you're soaping up or something, it floods out, in to the bathroom, through the floor, into the garage, and on to my scooter. Dammit.

The other kinda suck thing is that it's not really convenient to get to the backyard to take the dog out. You gotta go through a door, down some stairs, through another door (that doesn't exist yet, but will when I am through), in to the garage, and out the back door. Once back there, the yard is glorious and I'm sure the pooping back there will be excellent. The original plan called for putting some grass in these little dirt pockets in the front porch so that Rudy could just go there on his own, but the landlord came today and put rocks there, and he doesn't want grass there, because he's afraid it will make the porch moldy. Grrr. So, I taught Rudy to pee on the rocks. Neat. I'm not sure yet if I want him to poop on them. We'll see how things go.

Well... I'm tired as hell, so I'm going to bed, after I figure out where to let the dog out.


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May. 2nd, 2005 07:17 am (UTC)
Welcome to the neighborhood, sorta
May. 2nd, 2005 12:22 pm (UTC)
wow, congratulations on the move! i remember how it was when i first arrived in brooklyn last year. everything seemed so new and different. you'll get used to it ;)
May. 2nd, 2005 02:56 pm (UTC)
all hail good pizza!
even the scariest post street dives i ate at in san fran were tasty and dee-lish. all the food there rules.
May. 3rd, 2005 05:13 pm (UTC)
poor rudy
It's only natural that Rudy would spazz. Remember eddie when we went from the bighouse to the townhouse? Be kind to him. I suppose sometime soon you might have an adventure and drive north and east a bit to visit your aging parents. They'd love to meet Rudy and maybe feed you, maybe on mother's day? Enjoy this new chapter in your journey.
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