Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Bottles to the ground

Just got back from seeing NOFX at Slim's. Great freakin' show. I scored a ticket at FACE VALUE from a really cool person who posted on Craig's List that she had a few extras. She got flooded with offers to buy it and ultimately, she decided not to gouge me or use it to score herself a man-bitch, both of which were options available to her in abundance. If you ever see a girl named Amy with a bunch of guitar picks around her neck trying to score a ticket to something, please sell her yours at face value. Thanks.

NOFX was awesome, as expected. They still play fast as hell. The pit was freaking insane. I was standing at the edge of it most of the time. I've always liked that spot because I can see really well from there, and if I wanna jump in and bounce around a bit there's easy access. I forgot that I'm 30 though, so when a fast-moving appendage of some person clocked me in the face, it hurt a lot more than I was expecting. My nose kind of feels like it's broken, but that's ok. I saw NOFX.

They played "Bob," which ruled.

The did not play "Irrationality of Rationality."

They did play "Nubs."

I got a shirt.

I must be hellishly tired, because I can't write a paragraph that's more than one sentence. Except this one.

Tags: live music

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