Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

I'm sure most of you know this, but...

The California DMV is a pit of inefficiency and irritation. I'm up to a total of three vehicles registered out of five, after three visits and probably about six hours worth of work. Today I visited the Redwood City DMV, as I'd had enough of the San Francisco one. This was a mistake. First off, the inspector who checked out the moped insisted that it's a motorcycle, because of the presence of a speedometer. Nevermind the fact that it has fucking PEDALS on it. So, I brought the papers inside and waited around a bit before noticing the sign that said that they don't take credit cards at that location. WHAT? What fucking year is this? I left and drove around Redwood City in horrifying traffic looking for an ATM. I was amazed at how ATMs seem to be on every fucking corner until you need one. I finally found a Wells Fargo inside a Safeway and got some cash. I got back to the DMV thirty minutes after my appointment time, but the lady with the numbers had mercy on me and put me in the queue. When I finally got my turn, the clerk refused to register the moped because it didn't have an engine number (that could be found). I told her it didn't have one and she said all motorcycles have to have one. I told her it's not a motorcycle, it's a MOPED. She said that it's a motorcycle and I had to motorcycle my ass over to the highway patrol and have them inspect it and say whether or not it's got an engine number. Grrrrrr. She did happily let me pay $80 to transfer the title and register it though. So, I'm going to take it over to the CHiPs with a printout of the vehicle code that shows that it's a freakin' moped and get a new inspection certificate. Then, I'm gonna go back to the DMV and see if they'll register it as such. The moped plates are way better. $16 and you never have to renew, and you don't need insurance.

Also, my truck is now registered as a commercial vehicle. I decided not to even bother arguing that one.

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