Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Hurricane lame.

This hurricane thing.... another showcase for how ridiculous the "news" gets when something big is going on. It was so obvious from yesterday afternoon that they were super amped up on getting to report a disaster of biblical proportions. Every time they'd talk about how ripped up New Orleans was going to be, I swear I could see them salivating with anticiption. They couldn't wait to show pictures of roofs ripped off, and kids hanging from trees and shit.

Once the massive destruction failed to materialize (yes, I know that there's a lot of damage and flooding, but it's nowhere near what they predicted), they were still clinging to their hopes.

Well, sure the storm has weakened as it's come ashore, Jim, but it could still pick up again, right? There could still be tornadoes that will throw babies through windows, RIGHT? RIGHT? COME ON, JIM. THROW ME A BONE HERE!

As morning went on, the disappointment in their voices as they showed the same shot of a few roof shingles missing from the registration check-in canopy at the Holidy Inn was almost comical and satisfying. This clip of a CNN weather guy losing his shit on an anchor is downright hilarious.

I wonder whose job it is to finally say, "Ok... We've beat this dead horse to death. Let's scale it back again and spend at least five minutes an hour on something else."
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