Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


The front counter of the little place across from the 420 cafe is loaded to the top with big creamy donuts, brownies, french bread pizzas, and little pies and sandwiches and stuff. Brilliant!!

Adam and I met John Cusack in the red light district. I told him I'd been a fan since Better off Dead. Then I told the other guy, who was not actually Woody Harrelson, that I liked him too, ever since Kingpin. We all had a good laugh together.

Last night, while I was having a slice of pizza, I saw this dude walking up the street with a long black trenchcoat, slicked hair, and sunglasses. He looked really serious. Like he was from a German industrial band. Coming the opposite direction were three drunk guys. The front one yelled in a french sounding voice, "MAAAAHTREEEEX! NEO! SAVE US!!"

I just about peed myself over that one.

John Fucking Cusack!!
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