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I saw the Wedding Crashers today, and it was pretty funny.

I'm sitting in Otis' living room right now with the crazy pugs. I had a work trip to Seattle and decided to stay through the weekend and catch up with some homies. I'm glad my job still requires the occassional trip up here.

The Real offices up here are so much nicer than the San Francisco office. All of the QA people, and pretty much most of the company, have their own offices. There's a huge cafeteria. Everyone's offices are decorated with wackiness, and all the people seem to like hanging out together. Everyone was gearing up for a huge Halloween party that's going to take place Monday night. One of my coworkers told me that the place really goes off on Halloween and that the party will go on well in to the wee hours. I wish our office was like that. It's true we have beer taps, but hardly anyone ever uses them. One thing that was really good about this trip is that it really made me realize that I'm working for a really good company. I feel like the people are really smart and they're all really in to the company and we're turning out some awesome stuff. I'm glad to be there, even if it is in a way less cool office.

Thursday night I stayed at the Edgewater hotel. Holy shit that place was nice. My bed frame was made of logs and there was a chair that was made to resemble a little bear. There was a 42" plasma screen TV in there too. Damn. Despite the niceness, I couldn't fucking sleep. My pillows all seemed to give off a lot of heat. That's weird.

Yesterday after work, Otis and I decided to go play the Hold 'em tournament at the Roxbury. We had barely enough time to make it and we had to stop home to let the dogs out (please... don't do the woof, woof woof woof woof thing). While running from Otis' car to the house, I hopped over a little white fence thingy and stepped on the cover to the water meter. The cover wasn't properly on, so my foot went right through and I bailed hard, while carrying my suitcase, laptop bag, and phone. I actually fell out of my shoe. It was pretty gnarly. My forearm is torn up pretty good and I played the tournament with blood seeping through the knee of my jeans. Today, I'm pretty sore all over... especially my shoulders and neck. And, now that I'm all old and shit, I guess I can expect a good two full weeks of healing.

Oh, and I didn't do well in the tournament. I didn't do poorly, but also not well.

Otis' dogs make the most disgusting noises ever. One of them spent about five minutes earlier chewing on her butt, making all kinds of nasty slurpy and grunty noises while doing so. Then, the other one started in on the same exact activity just as the first one finished. Meanwhile, the first one has cut at least two audible farts. These are nasty dogs. I'm glad Rudy is a chihuahua. Make that three audible farts.

Oh... here's an unrelated but interesting story: My boss' boss was in San Francisco last Friday. She had some meetings coming up the following Monday, so she came in early so she could spend the weekend. She went to dinner at Pancho Villa, the greatest place in all of Northern California to get a burrito, and as she was walking out, she got caught in someone's crossfire. She was shot two times: once in the forearm and once in the hand. That is some scary shit. Pancho Villa! I ride by it every single day.

Well... I got nothing else to report. Have a nice day.

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