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Ah jeez....

Ok... it's after 10 and I'm still at work. What the hell is that all about?

I went flying today with my boss. I sort of miss flying. Yeah, it's a hellishly expensive and stressful hobby, but it's a lot of fun. Seattle is a prettier place to fly around than Phoenix ever was. It was odd though, because the field we flew out of had a lot of snow. We actually got the plane stuck in it when we were taxiing to park. Weird. Anyway, I was contemplating maybe spending a few hours with an instructor and getting current again, until I found out the rates. $105 for a Cessna 172 and $35 for instructor. That's PER HOUR. Christ. 10 hours or so of that would pay for my Rally.

Speaking of scooter stuff... I lost my patch from last years' Vegas rally. It fell off my jacket today and is lost. If you see it, please send it to me.