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I've spent most of the weekend getting ready for Streetwars. Man oh man. I haven't slept much in the last couple of days, so this entry will probably be all over the place.

Casey and I spent most of yesterday afternoon driving around to various toy stores in the Colma area only to be told that waterguns are a "seasonal item". We're idiots though, because we found tons of awesome gats at some junk shops right here in the city.

After the long day of working on my motorcycle (four running bikes = more confusion for my assassin) and trying to track down some small watery arms, it was time to go pick up our targets' dossiers. We donned all black attire and took public transit to Chinatown, where we located the seedy bar where we were to meet the representative of the Shadow Government. We pulled our black hoods over our heads and walked in, despite the passers-by on the street getting nervous that we were about to rob the bar. We got about five steps in before the bartender made us take off the hoods.

After a little bit of waiting, I sat down with the Moustache Commander and he handed me not one but multiple dossiers of a team that I was to pursue. I'd like to be more specific, but I can't at this juncture. You never really know who's watching.

After picking up our stuff, we sat on the curb across from the bar and watched a steady stream of nervous looking people in varying states of disguise. Some people wore hoods. Some wore sunglasses. There were a few fake moustaches.

The rest of the evening was spent researching our targets on the internet. I found a lot of stuff on one guy and there's a good chance I'm gonna go after him tomorrow.

Casey got an email threat from her assassin. I was able to pull some info from the email and piece together a lot about the guy and I believe I even found a picture of him. I wish I was lucky enough to get an email from my stalker.

Twenty minutes from now, I'm fair game. When they say Live In Fear, they are not kidding. I need sleep.
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