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No sign of my stalker. Had someone sitting in a car across the street this morning, but he didn't give me any trouble. No sign of anyone at lunch, and I got out of the office with no bad vibe. I rode my motorcycle today, so that might have helped to confuse them.

I decided to go help Agent CE with her target this evening. That girl is committed. She started staking out his place around 5:30 or so, hanging around the fortress that is his apartment building. In her hours of watch, she discovered a little hidden alley next to his building, and she was figuring he'd come from there.

I showed up around 7 and CE was waiting on the stoop next to the target's. The guy kept sending a girl out of his place to see if the coast was clear and they stayed holed up in the apartment. Finally, we decided it was time for action. Here's how it went down:

CE hid across the street near the hospital. I got in to position in front of the garage door next to the apartment's front door. From left to right, it was little alley, two feet of space, apartment building front door, four feet of space, garage door. The garage door was recessed about 15 inches or so. The plan was that I would wait for someone to leave the building and catch the door so I could let myself in. Then, I'd wait near the guy's hallway and flush him out (making him think I was on the team stalking him). As I waited, I heard the gate to the little alley open. I looked and saw the guy's head start to poke out, so I slipped up against the garage door and out of sight. I waited about 5 seconds and then peeked out again. He was looking right at me and he started to shoot. Knowing I was in no danger (this guy isn't my assassin or my target) I ran at him shooting. He retreated in to the alley, but I grabbed the door and rushed in after him. We began to have a shootout.

After a couple of shots, he stops shooting and starts yelling, "Hey, I got you! It's over! Come ON!!"

Meanwhile, I keep shooting at him going "No you didn't. You didn't get me. Nope. Missed me again."

At this point, he's waving the gun around (no longer shooting) and thinking I'm insane. As the argument escalates, CE bursts in to the doorway behind me, guns ablazin'. She soaks the guy as he realizes what's going on (I'm yelling, "DOESN'T MATTER, CAUSE SHE'S YOUR ASSASSIN!!") and he starts shooting back.

Now, there's a *slight* chance that they hit each other at the same time, but the more likely situation is that she nailed him before he really figured it out. Victory is CE's!

The dude immediately starts bitching, saying he got her first. He's yelling and whining and bitching and going, "Come on!! This is so weak!! I got you first!!" I look him right in the eye and I say, "Look. I know her and I know that there's no way she'd play this game any way but straight. She's not lying. She got you first."

He keeps whining and finally pulls out his ID card and flips it on the sidewalk with one last, "I still think it's weak!"

Bad sport.

Afterward, we grabbed some dinner, sent notice of the kill to the Supreme Commander, and then went to check out the home of my new target. The place impenetrable. It's a lot like my house, where you have a garage under the house and there's no way to the backyard or sides. I suspect there's no way I'm getting him at home.

If anyone has any creative suggestions for luring someone a block off their office, I'd love to hear them. My guy has no idea who I am. He works a few blocks from me.

Sleep will be sweet tonight.
Tags: streetwars

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