Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Worst assassin ever.

Well, that was pretty weak, if I do say so myself.

I waited on the corner near the target's house for about three hours, trying not to look suspicious. I started to get bored, so I called cjc to complain.

While talking on the phone, I saw a bicycle start to come off his street, so I ducked back to where the building on the corner hid me. When he got up to the corner in front of me, I identified him. He stopped briefly (you can't fire on a moving vehicle, which a bike counts as). I was still holding the phone with the hand that could have grabbed my Super Soaker from under my jacket, so I dug my little pistol out of my right pocket and started firing. Problem is, that gun wasn't primed, so water didn't start coming out until he was already moving again. The drops hit him so he was aware he was being fired on. He got a really good look at me as he rode away, taunting me.

I shouldn't have been on the phone. My gun should have been primed. I shouldn't have started staking out a software developer at 6:30 in the freaking morning.


Now this guy is going to be extra difficult to get because he knows what I look like. So, there'll be no standing around on the corner nonchalantly, waiting to look him right in the eye and pop him. Now I'll have to be super sneaky.

Today might be my best chance. If cjc can spot him leaving work and follow him a bit, she can tell me what road he takes back towards his house. If I can intercept him somewhere on that road and follow him to a light, where he'll have to stop, then I can possibly get him. I don't think he knows I'm on a scooter.

Tags: streetwars

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