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Right you are, Ken


An interesting proposition has been made. A comment post was addressed to "The Dude" in one of the blog entries. I responded to it. Check out this thread. Start from the bottom:


Within the Assassin's Cookbook under Section 3.1114.223(a), the following choice of terms are agreeable in said situation:
1. Bottle of Jack Daniel's OR
2. 48 hours amnesty from any assassination attempt. You would be able to come and go freely for 48 hours from the time we assassinate the WWO, completely drunk if desired.OR
3. After assassination celebatory drinks. No assassination attempt would be made during this time, and your drinks for the evening would be on the Dragon.

Unfortunately, I cannot release my harem for handjobs or private dances, or rest assured I would. Take a moment, choose one of the previoius options if acceptable or offer your own terms.

I remain open to suggestions. I have offered my cell phone as a good faith gesture, but prefer to deal electronically. You never know who may be listening.


Kill Brian <killbrianconnolly@yahoo.com> wrote:


I'm willing to help. By lying about the incident that occurred at my place on Sunday, WWO has enraged me. In my comment, when I said if they want to play dirty, I'll play dirty, I was alluding to this very strategy (giving my address to their own killer).

I can't just flat-out give up the goods, though. What will you do for me?

Dragon Assassin <enterthedragonassassin@yahoo.com> wrote:

Excellent assumption.

I'm another rogue agent, sent from Albania (via the Castro) to eliminate We Wet Ourselves. My team has staked out, broken in, made valiant attempts yet remain fruitless.

After reading the blog, I've rekindled the smoldering fire under my ass into a raging inferno of wetting insanity. This is a classic case of uniting for a common cause to eliminate a mutually troublesome annoyance. I hope to eliminate the Wets while they stake out your place, thus giving me a kill and accelerating the stakes in this game.

Of course, that means I would know where you live as our next target (which I would pretty much know anyway once smoking the KatieDuck). Understandably, this creates a conundrum. However, given the trouble and whining they've already instigated, perhaps we may strike a bargain.

All that to say - where do you live? And my cell phone number is 415-260-1430. I offer this in good faith and will use it as my own personal BatPhone in the event Wet shows up at your door dry.

Let's discuss options.

Kill Brian <killbrianconnolly@yahoo.com> wrote:

Proof of identity? I'm the Dude, man. So that's what you call me. That, or Duder, El Duderino... His Royal Dudeness, if you're not in to the whole brevity thing.

Assuming you're looking for Agent Lebowski, I'm him. What can I do for you?

I'm thinking about responding with the following:


I think we can make a deal. Here is my proposal:

1. You will email the Supreme Commander and verify with him that an amnesty period is not against the rules. If he agrees, then you will have him respond to a recent email from me (we've corresponded a bit in the last couple of days) with your team name and photos of all of your team members and verification that you are in fact assigned to WWO. This is how I will verify that you are legit, as I trust the Commander.

2. I will provide you with my home and work addresses, as well as a briefing on the encounters I've had with WWO, so you may analyze their patterns and hopefully predict their movement.

3. I will agree to call or text your cell if they are spotted around my house or work.

4. You will provide me with the photos and all information from their dossier, so that I may more easily avoid being smoked by them.

5. You will notify me as soon as WWO have been eliminated. We will agree upon a time when your entire team is to assemble at my house. Once there, they will be hosed from the safety of my dining room window, thereby neutralizing them for 24 hours and guaranteeing me 24 hours' amnesty (I don't see a way to do 48 hours, but that's ok).

6. We will go out for celebratory drinks, with nobody carrying an obligation to buy.

7. We will say our goodbyes, and agree that the next time we meet will be on less friendly terms.

I'm wary though. I think these rules would have me pretty well buttoned up, but if the Supreme Commander would decide to use me for his amusement, then he could royally screw me over here by betraying my trust. Further, I'm not sure I want the team that's after me to be eliminated. So far it hasn't been incredibly difficult avoiding them. I've only had one real encounter with them and that was not all that threatening. If I help this dude's team take them out, then they could turn out to be more skilled and therefore more of a threat.

What would you do, LiveJournal?
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