Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


The dude who was pretending to be a reporter emailed me this morning to see how my stakeout went last night. I apologized for not catching up with him and told him that I went on the special mission and then a stakeout, both of which were not fruitful. I told him that I have to work until 9 tonight but can meet him for a beer afterwards if he'd like. That should keep him busy until about 10, which will give me plenty of time to get out of work safely at 7 (I drove my truck today and had to park a block away), do a short last-ditch stakeout of my target, and then get home safely in time to pack for my trip.

After that, all I have to do is get in and out of work tomorrow without getting nailed, and I'm safe until I get eliminated. I'll have made it through the whole thing without an assassin ever looking me in the face.
Tags: streetwars
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