Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Many entries...

So... I almost died again just now. I was coming up one of the streets off broadway on Eris, way faster than I should have been, when some chick in her honda turns in front of me to go to the Safeway. I laid on the brakes HARD. I think I locked them both up and I was just skidding straight at her super fast. I think I skidded about 30 feet or so. She didn't see me the whole time... she was just looking at the grocery store where she was going. Once the brakes were locked, pretty much all I could do was skid along until I stopped and hope it was short enough to not hit her. She finally looked up at me, just as I came to a stop, literally less than a foot from her car as it finished passing in front of me. THAT was fucking close. I sat there for a second and she apologized and said the sun was in her eyes. Fucking sun. I always knew it was out to get me. I let her go without even so much as a stern warning. I guess I was kind of amused because, if you take out the scariness of the situation, that was just one badass move on my part. I caught her stupidity early enough to react and I kept it totally under control the whole time. Yeah.

On the rest of the way home, I continued to drive way too fast, scraping my exhaust around a couple of turns. I don't know why I drive so freaking fast lately, but damn it's fun!

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