Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken

Partial victory!!

As you may or may not know, I have an awesome 1973 BMW R75/5 in my garage. It's awesome, except for the fact that ever since last winter, it's been making a horrifying growling noise, which I've believed is related to the transmission. A transmission rebuild for these bikes is about $800 or so, if you pull the transmission out yourself and ship it off. I'd been planning to pull it out and get it taken care of when, a few months ago, a /6 showed up on Craig's List for a thousand bucks. The bike was in great shape, except that the subframe was tweaked from a fall off a curb and the insurance company had totaled the bike. Aside from that, it runs great and strong, shifts smoothly, has very low mileage (around 25k), and has recently been serviced by the best in the Bay Area. I bought it, with the plan that I'd swap the transmissions and sell the /6 as-is with busted transmission and tweaked subframe for a few hundred dollars' loss. Net cost to me to get back on the road would be very cheap compared to the transmission rebuild.

After thinking it over a bit, I decided it would be almost as easy to just swap the entire motors with the transmissions intact. When all is said and done, I'll have my /5 with a nice strong motor and good transmission, plus all the other good parts I want off the /6 (shocks, carbs, etc...), and a good pile of stuff to part out.

So, yesterday morning, I started in on phase one: pulling the motor out of the /5. I pulled the seat off, the battery out, and the mufflers off. I tried to pull the exhaust headers off, but they wouldn't budge, so I shot them with some pretty hardcore penetrant (hehe) and left them overnight. Today, I whacked the shit out of them with a hammer and finally got them off. I pulled the carbs off and just as I was beginning to dismantle various electrical bits, vespaden showed up. We disconnected the rest of the electrical bits and cables and disconnected the transmission from the drive shaft. We then got rustbox808 over and with a bit of finesse and a whole lot of brute force, we shoehorned the motor out of the frame.

I'm thankful for my friends and amazed at our awesome accomplishment. That was more than enough for this weekend. Simon is here next weekend, so probabl not much work will be done, but hopefully the weekend after we can get the motor out of the /6 and in to the /5 frame and get that bike on the road. After that, it's just a matter of selling off what's left. Joy!

Here are some pictures of the days events.

Get it, Paul
Originally uploaded by vespa59.
Most stuff removed, Paul stabs at the fleshy bits with a screwdriver

Naked bike
Originally uploaded by vespa59.
Another view of the naked bike. Ready to take the motor out.

Motor out!
Originally uploaded by vespa59.
Victory! The motor is out and all that's left is the taste test.
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