Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


One look at the news this morning is enough to make you throw up a little. Congress has nothing better to do than bitch about there not being enough sports on TV? A parent group wants to sue Nickelodeon and Kellog's for marketing sugary foods to their kids? The government demands Google turn over proprietary data about what users are searching for?

Ok. First off, not everyone loves fucking sports. Those of us that don't don't want to foot the cost of including sports channels in our programming. If you are selling me a tier of programming called "family programming", I damn sure better not feel like I'm paying for a bunch of football games. If I want those, I'll add the sports tier. How fucking hard is this?

Second, RAISE YOUR OWN FUCKING KIDS. Take all the money and time and resources you're going to put in to suing these people and use it instead to educate your kids and other parents about the products you think are dangerous. When's the last time you saw a five year old in the checkout line with his Safeway club card, a debit card, and forty boxes of Cap'n'Crunch? The parents determine what goes inside the kid. Hold THEM responsible.

Third, you can't just go up to Google and demand they give you their data. Do your own fucking work.

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