Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


The beginning of the end. Reproductive freedom was cool, wasn't it?

Yes, I know it's just one state, but as you can see, their intent is to try to push federal legislation, which will fuck over all of us, including the 50% or so of the country who didn't fucking vote for Bush, who in turn appointed his conservative judges.

Fuck you, Bush voters, for setting the wheels in motion towards revocation of civil rights. Fuck you, Democrats, for your neverending complacence. Fuck you, religious lunatics, for pushing your ancient beliefs on the rest of us.

Fuck you, pregnant victim of sexual abuse. Not my sentiment, but get used to hearing it.

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the rights of unborn children? Why does the belief system seem to be that you have every right in the world until the moment you're born, at which point you have no rights at all? I better not get started on this topic.
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