Right you are, Ken (vespa59) wrote,
Right you are, Ken


Today was Bring Your Own Big Wheel, a three heat Big Wheel race down San Francisco's famous Lombard Street.

Susie and I rode over in the rain to catch the action. I'd planned on racing, but didn't procure a suitable ride in time. I fully intend to be more prepared next year.

We found ourselves a great spot along the street with all the other spectators, and patiently waited for the street to clear and the racers to get in to position. When they hit the line, the crowd roared, and shortly after the last car was clear, I heard the shout: GO!

I started my camera and got a great video of the first heat. It was awesome watching everyone tumbling down the hill and around the curves.

We stuck around for the next two heats and watched the carnage, and then got some pizza.

All my pictures here.
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